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Pip's Journey


Pip's Journey


Pip Utton is one of the world's finest and most celebrated solo theatre performers. Over the past two decades he has written and performed some of the most internationally successful monodramas, receiving five-star reviews, and awards, and recognition. Reviewers have called him ‘a legend’, ‘a star’, a ‘cult’ and a ‘National Treasure’.

Pip’s performances are renowned for his ability to break the fourth wall, speaking directly with the audience, involving them with the emotions, making them an essential part of the performance.

Pip has toured in over 26 countries and has been translated into 8 languages. He aims to write and produce a new piece each year. Some remain active for several years and others are laid to rest sooner. Pip also performs with larger casts. In 2014 he played the lead in a new play by a leading Cypriot playwright Paris Erotokritou; ‘A Slight Risk’ at the Kypria International Festival, in April 2015 made his London Albert Hall debut playing the lead in Mark McGann’s new musical ‘Backstories’ to an audience of over 4,000! So, he’s always open to offers. In 2015 Pip won the Stage Special Award for Excellence and the Fringereview.co.uk Award for Outstanding Theatre, 2016, the Valery Kashanov Award for his influence on international monodrama and in 2018 a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Turkish Ministry of Culture for his contribution to world theatre. In 2019 a book celebrating his career was published in Poland by Wrostja, the world’s oldest monodrama organisation. 

Pip lives in Somerset with his very patient wife Nicky and wrote the above in the third person, sounds less boastful! 

Many thanks to;

Guy Masterson for directing ADOLF AND RESOLUTION

Geoff Bullen for directing BACON, CHAPLIN and SON OF THE FATHER

Marguerite Chaigne for directing PLAYING MAGGIE and choreographing CASANOVA

Nicky Fleming for directing AND BEFORE etc

Jeremy Towler for co-writing Bacon

Bath Theatricals for costumes and coffee

All Wood Designs for my social media

And to my wife Nicky, sons Sam and Charley and my many friends for love and support.




Pip's Journey


Edinburgh Fringe:

  • Nominated: Stage Award For Best Actor 1997 (Adolf)
  • WINNER: Spirit of the Fringe Award 1998 (for Adolf)
  • Nominated: Stage Award for Best Actor 2001
  • Nominated: Fringe First 2001 (Resolution)
  • WINNER: About Theatre.com Award for Best Actor 2001 (Resolution)
  • WINNER: The Stage Special Award for Acting Excellence 2015 (Playing Maggie)
  • WINNER: FringeReview Award for Outstanding Theatre 2015 (Playing Maggie)


  • WINNER: Best Actor Thespis International Monodrama Festival 2002 (Adolf)
  • WINNER: Phoebe Rees Award for Best Actor 2003 (King Henry - Lion in Winter)
  • Nominated: London Writers Guild Best New Script 2005 (Bacon)
  • WINNER: Best Play Thespis International Monodrama Festival Kiel, Germany 2006 (Bacon)
  • WINNER: Argus Angel for Excellence, Brighton Fringe Festival 2007 (Bacon)
  • WINNER: Best Play UNESCO Monodrama Festival Minsk Belarus 2008 (Chaplin)
  • WINNER: Media Award for Performance, Wroclaw International Monodrama Festival 2008 (Chaplin)
  • WINNER: Audience Award for Best Performance Thespis International Monodrama Festival 2010, Germany (War of The Worlds)
  • WINNER: ‘ARTISHOCK’ Award for Best Play, Netherlands 2010 (Adolf)
  • WINNER: Jury Award for Performance Kiel Monodrama Festival, Germany 2012 (Churchill)
  • WINNER: Best Performance International Pushkin Festival Pskov, Russia 2013 (Requiem for Salieri)
  • WINNER: Media Award for Best Performance ITI Monodrama Festival Wroclaw, Poland 2015 (Churchill)
  • WINNER: Audience Award for Best Performance, Lithuania Monodrama Festival, Visaginas 2015 (Chaplin)
  • WINNER: Fujairah Valery Khasanov Monodrama Prize, UAE 2016 (Playing Maggie)





First attempt at looking a little like Alfred Hitchcock. This is now in the writing stage having completed the first period of research. A complicated and troubled man and so lots to work with.

First quote from the man 

"A husband understands every word his wife doesn't say"

Long way to go yet. First performance not scheduled until 2021.


Pip acts both on stage and screen and directs for stage. He has written over 24 plays and been translated into 8 languages. He is also available for voice over acting and hosting. Please get in touch for further details